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Travel Services

Last update: 12. July 2011

Travel arrangements

For assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements please contact János Gelencsér on +36 30 5524 258 or email him at info@gelencserdental.de


We can organise transfers from airports and train stations in Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava or Graz. On request, we are able to advise you on up-to-date transfer costs.


To help you relax in comfort during your stay in Hévíz, we have compiled a list of recommended accommodation. Here you can find further information on each hotel.

NaturMed Hotel Carbona****
Hotel Europa Fit****
Gelencsér Panzió

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8380 75 Vörösmarty Heviz Balaton Hungary
+3683340183 €€
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Last update: 12. July 2011