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High-Tech Dentistry

Last update: 11. October 2021

At our dental clinic, we perform all treatments with the latest technology. Our technical infrastructure efficiently supports the diagnostic work and practical experience of our dentists.

At Gelencsér Dental Clinic we will always do our best to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of our patients: computer-controlled three-dimensional tomography, digital X-ray diagnostics, modern dental implantation technology, laser surgery and the latest whitening techniques guarantee accurate and successful therapies for everyone.

Our whole organisation is perfected by the knowledge and routine of our dentists who have expanded their knowledge in recent years by treating foreign patients as well. Our specialists have received excellent training at the most prestigious universities in Hungary.

They strive to keep their knowledge up to date and to acquire innovative techniques. They regularly participate in various local and foreign medical conferences so as to improve their professional knowledge.

3D design, solid solutions

Our dental clinic has 21st-century three-dimensional dental instruments which allow precise and perfect diagnosis, efficient dental treatment, and ensure fast healing.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, such as three-dimensional computer tomography, two-dimensional panoramic X-ray, or intraoral camera, our specialists will get an accurate picture of the condition of the patient's teeth during the health check-up.

All of our 10 dental surgeries are air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art dental chairs.

Due to the targeted use of proper anesthetics, the treatments are completely painless. However, on request of the patient, they can be performed even under general anaesthesia, which guarantee that acoustic and optical stimuli are completely excluded.

High-Tech equipment in our treatment rooms at Gelencsér Dental Clinic:
  • 3D ConeBeam CT – digital volume trictomograph
  • safe, digital panoramic X-ray with the lowest possible radiation
  • Intraoral camera for more accurate and detailed diagnostics
  • magnifying glasses and a dental microscopes to achieve a more exquisite result
  • functional diagnostics for optimal fit of dental restorations
  • digital picture documentation for easier communication
  • 3D CAD/CAM technology to be able to prepare the perfect dentures

Three-dimensional volumentomography

Top technology and digital imaging at the Gelencsér Dental Clinic: ConeBeam CT three-dimensional digital volumen tomography.

Digital Volumen Detection (DVT) is a three-dimensional imaging technique, so it is practically an imaging tomographic procedure. This procedure provides an accurate visual diagnostic support using X-ray (with an extremely low radiation dose of 68 μSv), which is primarily used in dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, oral and facial surgery, implantology, periodontology and orthodontics.

The most important uses of ConeBeam CT include:
  • Dental implant design
  • Inserting teeth and implants
  • Tooth absess diagnoses and tests
  • Wisdom tooth analysis
  • Examination of the lower jawbone surface

High-Tech Dentistry
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High-Tech Dentistry
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Last update: 11. October 2021