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Dental implants – Modern solution for replacing missing teeth

Last update: 12. May 2020

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of questions to be answered when we are planning to replace one or more missing teeth with implants. For this reason, we have put a comprehensive overview together for you so all the frequently asked questions will be addressed.

First of all, we would like to point out that dental implantation is a time-tested and safe routine procedure that allows us to live our everyday lives without compromises and uncomfortable limitations which enable us to live a quality of life which is not beyond our reach.

Losing a tooth these days is not as tragic as we might think. Modern dentistry today offers perfect and completely painless solutions to replace our lost teeth. We may as well call them ’lifelong’ solutions as they have an impressively good future.

The artificial root as a long, even lifelong, solution is the most effective answer to the problem of tooth loss that can be offered nowadays.

No wonder it is selected by more than 500,000 patients each year around the world. And how satisfied are they? Well, this solution has a success rate of more than 95%.

Why do we need dental implants?

Dental implants are implanted directly into the bone by dental surgeons to replace the missing tooth, whereas replacement solutions placed onto the artificial roots create strong, aesthetic and functional prosthesis.

Dental implantation is an essential part of dentistry today, and implantation is a routine procedure which is the most effective response to problems arising from missing teeth.

It can be used perfectly to replace smaller and larger teeth while the final prosthesis improves the patients’ quality of life. We don’t need to be ashamed of our smile anymore and we should not be worried about chewing, so finally we can truly enjoy food, chatting and having a good laugh.

Dental implants, moreover, have the advantage of preventing atrophy of teeth since the chewing force is imparted directly to the bone.

Thus, dentists have a good reason to advise us to replace our missing teeth as soon as possible because if we delay or fail to do so, it can result in serious health issues.

One consequence is that in the absence of chewing strength the toothless jaw bone starts to deteriorate. However, with dental implantation this harmful process can be stopped in a unique way.

After listing so many of the good sides, it is worth collecting the most important information:
the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

12 facts that patients definitely need to know about dental implants:

Dental implants
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Dental implants
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